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Hazrat Syed Khwaja Rahmatullah Nayeb-E-Rasool(RA)

Hazrata Syeda  Habib Unnisa Maji Saheba(RA)

Rahmatabad is a well known place which Has The Dargah of Hazrat Syed Khwaja Rahmatullah Nayeb-e-Rasool sarkar .He lived From 1105 AH to 1195 AH [1694 AD to 1781 AD ]Aurangzeb Had just put An End To The Adil Shahi Dynasty in 1686 AD,Eight years Earlier Thab The Birth of Khwaja Nayeb-e-Rasool sarkar .His Father Hazrat Syed Khwaja Aalam Naqshband Had Come To India from Turan He Become khateeb of the Jame Masjid of Belgaum ,presently a Dist Head Quarter in Karnataka State .He Married at Belgaum.

Hazrat syed khwaja Rahmatulalh Nayeb-e-Rasool(RA) was born at belgaum.he lost his mother when he was a boy.His father remarried,but the new mother of khwaja nayeb-e-rasool (RA) was like any proverbial step mother.He took leave of his father and came to kurnool to live with his maternal aunty.After some time he was oppointed as the custodian of two royal horses under the Nawab of kurnool.

When kurnool was struck by a severe famine a godly person(majzoob) advised the Nawab sahib to approach hazrat Syed khwaja Nayeb-e-Rasool and request him for supplication far rains.it so happened that it rained heavily while the Nawab sahib was still on his way back home after his meeting with hazrat khwaja nayeb-e-rasool sarkar .Then freeing himself from the employment,he went to Saudi Arabia for hajj and ziarat.The duration of his journey is not known.

He seems to have come back in 1151 A.H.[1738 A.D].He stayed for some time at kurnool and went to nandiyal where he was married.Then he went the qiladar of udayagiri ,a town to the north west of rahmatabad shareef at about 45 KM.He was search of a suitable place to settle down and carry on his mission of service to mankind.Ultimately,he purchased some land in 1748 ad.,adjacent to anumasamudram viilage ,locally called bada gaon these days,and founded rahmatabad after his own name.

A mosque with thatched roof was erected at first which was replaced by the present structure in 1762 AD.It was named by him as madina masjid.

His second wife,hazrata syeda habeeba khatoon[R.A][now popularly called ammajan],was the daughter of nawab sahib of kurnool.

They had no issues,Gradually hazrat khwaja developed a sizeable estate dully purchasing about ten villages.He wassurvived [on his death in 1781 AD]by his wife who built his tomb.Her brother’s son hazrat gulam naqshband was made his gaddi nasheen and heir.

Hazrat syed khwaja nayeb-e-rasool [as he was called by his direct disciples like hazrat shah mohammed rafiuddin qhandar]and his wife possess a great spiritual power.people visit rahmatabad for treatment of their ailments,visitors also constitute the victims of black magic and those possessed by evil spirits.The sacred couple has a great sympathy with mankind due to which the place has become like an open air hospital and asylum for people of all walks of life without any bar to religion,cast or creed.A visit to rahmatabad shareef is almost a sure cure for the disease[even surgical operations are done in dreams]and a sure deliverance from black magic and evil spirits.It is to be seen to be believed.


                                                        Detail Biograhy
                        Hazrat Syed Khwaja Rahmatullah Nayeb-E-Rasool(RA)

Hazrata Syeda  Habib Unnisa Maji Saheba(RA)


The shrine is located in India’s southern state of Andhra Pradesh, in the village called Rahamatabad Sharif (also known as A.S.Peta), which is at a distance of 55KM from Nellore (District) and 12KM from Atmakur (Taluk). The place is well connected by road to major cities like Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.
History :
Rahmatabad is a well known place which has the shrine (dargah) of Hazrat Syed khaja Rahmatullah Nayeb-e-Rasool .He lived from 1110 A.H. to 1195 A.H. [1694 AD to 1781 AD ] and when King Aurangzeb Alamgir had just put an end to the Adil Shahi dynasty of Bejapur in 1686 AD, eight years earlier that the birth of Khaja Nayeb-e-Rasool.
Hazrat Syed Khaja Rahmatullah (R.A), Naib-E-Rasool,
also called as Babajan by Hindus and Muslims alike.
A revered Sufi saint and a Hussaini Syed (descendant of the holy prophet through his daughter Hazrat Fatima) of the highest order, whose entire life was a reflection of Shar-E-Nabavi (SAW), whose every breath reminiscent of Zikirullah (remembrance of Allah), having undertaken Bay’ah (When the disciple makes a pledge (Bay'ah) to a Murshid (spiritual master) the disciple becomes initiated as a Murid) from the following four traditions (Silsila),Quadri,Chishti,Naqshbandi,and,Rifaai.
In his mausoleum to his left lies the Mazar-E-Aqdas (grave) of his wife Hazrat Syeda Habeeba Khatoon (R.A) fondly referred to by visitors as Ammajan.

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