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1. Hyd: 452 km
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4. Chennai : 238 km

   5.Bemetara Chettisgarh:1029 km

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Dargah Kasmur Nellore

There was a great saint who lived here in 18th century named Hazrath Syed Kareem Ullah Shah Quadri(RA)

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Dargah Rahmatabad Sharif
Hazrat Syed Khwaja Rahmatullah Nayeb-E-Rasool(RA)

Hazrata Syeda  Habib Unnisa Maji Saheba(RA)


Rahmatabad is a well known place which Has The Dargah of Hazrat Syed Khwaja Rahmatullah Nayeb-e-Rasool sarkar .He lived From 1105 AH to 1195 AH [1694 AD to 1781 AD ]Aurangzeb Had just put An End To The Adil Shahi Dynasty in 1686 AD,Eight years Earlier Thab The Birth of Khwaja Nayeb-e-Rasool sarkar .His Father Hazrat Syed Khwaja Aalam Naqshband Had Come To India from Turan He Become khateeb of the Jame Masjid of Belgaum ,presently a Dist Head Quarter in Karnataka State .He Married at Belgaum.

Hazrat syed khwaja Rahmatulalh Nayeb-e-Rasool(RA) was born at belgaum.he lost his mother when he was a boy.His father remarried,but the new mother of khwaja nayeb-e-rasool (RA) was like any proverbial step mother.He took leave of his father and came to kurnool to live with his maternal aunty.After some time he was oppointed as the custodian of two royal horses under the Nawab of kurnool.

When kurnool was struck by a severe famine a godly person(majzoob) advised the Nawab sahib to approach hazrat Syed khwaja Nayeb-e-Rasool and request him for supplication far rains.it so happened that it rained heavily while the Nawab sahib was still on his way back home after his meeting with hazrat khwaja nayeb-e-rasool sarkar .Then freeing himself from the employment,he went to Saudi Arabia for hajj and ziarat.The duration of his journey is not known.

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                                                       GREAT MIRACLE

It is fact that miracles are performed by the holy and pious personalities of Allah. And those holy and pious persons who have finished their lives in the love of Allah and his prophet and for this reason their name and fame will be continued till the day of judgment. From the particles of soil of their mausoleums there will spread the spring of faizan (favour) and always there will be rain of anwar (light) and tajilat (divine light). But my masterís great miracle is that large number of people who will present in the shrine from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble there and pray there for the recovery of diseases and for the fulfillment of their desire and wishes .His favour and affection is same and equal to all persons who will present there in his court and pray there for the recovery of diseases and fulfillment of desires.
Since 239 years the people are watching the miracles of the Hzt Khwaja Nayeb-e-Rasool(RA) and it will be continue till the day judgement and that the number of devotees of the shrine is not in thousand but it was exceed many millions people from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble there and pray there for the recovery of diseases or for the fulfillment of their desire and wishes.
Not only from Hyderabad but from many other places learned persons and pious personalities also used to visit the shrine and pay their visit. I am not wrong if I mention that the large numbers of people who visit the shrine are included other than Muslims irrespective of caste and creed will present in the shrine and garland the mausoleum and pay respect and honour there.
A symbol of national intergration , communal harmony and social justice.

"And He (Allah) it is who hath produced you from a single being (Al-Qur'an-Al-Anaam-99).
As it is said in the holy Qur'an that all human beings are off spring of the first man (I,e. Adam Alaih Assalam), there should not be any discrimination among the people as all are equal. The sufi-saint Hazrat Syed Rahmatulla (R.A.) attempted to remove the barriers of caste, creed, language, religion and region and provided a broad opportunity to make available to the local milieu a get-together.

Even today people witness great Karmaths(Miracles) at the dargah shareef and unsolved matters are being solved at the dargah by the duas and blessings of this great aulia. Also many people say whenever this aulia comes in the dreams of the people who come with great troubles and problems and they are been cured in a short period of time after the blessings from this aulia in form basharats ( dreams ) at the dargah site. Thousands of believers visit the place each year during the time when celebrations Urs Shareef and Sandal mubarak takes place. Believers see miracles happen to them. 

Madina Masjid Dargah Rahmatabad

Jhubba Mubarak Hazrat Khwaja Nayeb-e-Rasool(RA)

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